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Our consultants at BrainBoutique have invested significant amount of research and development time into YAAS - the new "Hybris SAP as a service" platform - which is slowly gaining market awareness. On this platform we would like to share assets, instructions, hints to best leverage the provided services.

What is YAAS?

YAAS is a collection of REST micro-services providing the backend to quickly set up eCommerce shopping systems, Product Information Management (PIM) solutions and other B2B- or B2C-focused web application or mobile services. The technology stack is backed by Hybris SAP, a company with significant experience in the area of eCommerce, PIM and ERP integration.

However, it seems as is YAAS is not tailored towards every eCommerce / PIM use-case: To our understanding, currently it is a "best fit" if:

  • Small set of products (in the range of 100s to 1000s)
  • Not overly complex product data structure (more complex than T-Shirts - but not as complex as a car or an airplane)
  • Ideally bound to SAP ERP backend system to best leverage provided integration techniques
  • Willingness to be "(b)leading edge" - stability, robustness and feature completeness does not yet seem to be sufficient for medium- to large-scale deployments.

As YAAS is fully backed by microservices, on the other hand it can be expected to be a "perfect fit" for the modern eCommerce / PIM ecosystem: Customers should benefit from

  • ...not having to provide and maintain own servers, databases, application servers etc.
  • ...having predictable running cost, scaling dynamically with the business growth (and expecially no one-off license cost)
  • ...benefiting from ongoing service upgrades without the need to perform (complex) migrations

How can YAAS be better?

Following areas seem to be weak in the currently provided service landscape. Some of them can (and should!) be mitigated using additional add-on microservices, others require service or legal adjustments from SAP Hybris side.

  • No SLAs - Services provided are not yet backed by profound SLAs (availability, guaranteed throughput, throttling, ...)
  • Restrictive Product Data Modeling - Provided concept of "schemas" and "mixins" is sound - but the execution is in very early stage: No editing functionality for schemas, no (real) versioning support, no inheritance, only trivial data types.
  • No PIM - Product content management is merely impossible using the Builder frontend. An equivalent to Hybris "on-premise" Product Cockpit or hmc is not (yet) available.



BrainBoutique leverages a custom-made tool called YAAS-SCULPTOR for Hybris YAAS consultancy: Experience from multiple earlier Hybris projects proved that data modelling is one of the hardest and most time-consuming tasks in aligning requirements; strong business involvement is required and modelling should be as agile and reactive as possible...

YAAS REST API access with TypeScript

Especially if you plan to develop modern web or standalone applications, BrainBoutique highly encourages you to evaluate Angular2 (Hybris YAAS also uses Angular(1) - an older version - for some of the tools) and Ionic2 - awesome technology boosting your implementation significantly! To ease access to YAAS REST APIs, convenience libraries are provided.



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