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Collection of additional information about YAAS API.

Documented APIs

Hybris SAP is documenting all (public) APIs using RAML - this seems to be a good and future-proof choice (knowing that potentially RAML may evolve into OpenAPI some day...) - but the execution is far from perfect yet. RAML documents fail validation, examples do not adhere to provided schemas, auto-generation of code stubs fail...

To improve usability of REST, following improvements have been applied:

  • Fixing RAML files to correct identified errors
  • Improved code generation examples for TypeScript files to be used with Angular2

TypeScript Code Generation Tool

To fully leverage develop- and compile-time tool support for REST services and exchanged data, check out YAAS TypeScript API provided by BrainBoutique.

RAML Fixes

Various issues in RAML files have been identified during project execution. Among others, following issues were encountered:

  • Sample data not matching provided services
  • OAuth token having expiry date in thousands of years (as expires JWT headed used millisecond value instead of seconds)
  • Invalid JSON as unquoted XML documents contained


Please check out fixed RAML files available on GitHub:

Undocumented APIs

Refer to How Yaas Seems To Structure Organizations And Projects for undocumented API on...

  • Account
  • Organization(s)
  • Project(s)
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