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BrainBoutique leverages a custom-made tool called YAAS-SCULPTOR for Hybris YAAS consultancy: Experience from multiple earlier Hybris projects proved that data modelling is one of the hardest and most time-consuming tasks in aligning requirements; strong business involvement is required and modelling should be as agile and reactive as possible...

The tool helps to work around limitations of Schema API and facilitates an agile data modelling approach. It can be used within the "Builder" or as standalone tool:

  • Tool-supported data modelling
  • Complex attribute types (Unit-of-measure aware numbers, validation regexps, configuration specific values, ...)
  • Semantic Versioning (SemVer) support when uploading to (currently limited) YAAS Schema service
  • Efficient data entry support (keyboard focus, highly dynamic, no page reloads, ...)

The tool is still in early beta stage - and it can be expected that also SAP Hybris is improving the Schema API to support more of the advanced attribute types YAAS-SCULPTOR is already offering.


Refer to following screenshots to get a first impression:

Schema overview. "Pills" indicate YAAS Schema versions published.

Advanced attribute types and easy-to-use editor for data model

Full localization of schema

Automatic import of (leagcy) Hybris items.xml files to set your model up in no time (currently only basic attributes supported)

Import of matching localization from Hybris / hmc .properties files

Preparation for localized data

Publishing to YAAS - note that YAAS Schema implementation is currently way less advanced than what YAAS-SCULPTOR offers!


To give you a chance to easily try out YAAS-SCULPTOR it is recommended to use a standalone dev version (no support!) outside Builder.

  • Please log in with a Google or with your YAAS account. (Note: YAAS SSO currently not working as expected...)
  • Please do not upload any sensitive data as this is a DEV instance
  • Please contact info@brainboutique.de if you want to use YAAS-SCULPTOR in your project!


To install YAAS-SCULPTOR in your YAAS project, you need to perform following steps (as YAAS-SCULPTOR is not yet packaged as a Marketplace building block)

  1. Open Builder
  2. Navigate to project
  3. Ensure that subscriptions for at least "Product Content" and "Persistence" exist.
  4. Click "Builder Modules"
  5. Click "+ Builder Module"
  6. Select scope hybris.schema_manage
  7. Enter:
    • Identifier: yaassculptor
    • Display name: YAAS-SCULPTOR (Honestly, no idea why this is required...)
    • Module Location (EU): https://www.yaas-tools.de/modules/dev/yaas-sculptor/assets/module.html
    • Enable "Use Builder Module for my project"
  8. Hit "SAVE"

You should then see a new menu item "Sculptor - Data Modeler" in your Builder menu.


For now, access to YAAS-SCULPTOR beta version is provided as-is and free-of-charge as it is mainly used in BrainBoutique driven consulting projects. Please contact info@brainboutique.de if you would like to get brain-on support getting your YAAS project rolling!

At any point in time BrainBoutique reserves the right to switch to per-named-user-, per-usage- or per-schema pricing or any other licensing option!

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